V-Scope Explorer – Slides included in the Single Cell Organisms set

Amoeba Live Video The video of live amoeba with phase contrast illumination.
Amoeba Stained specimen of amoeba.
Anabaena This organism is a cyanobacteria in which the individual cells are connected in a filament.
Bacteria-Bacillus Form Bacillus form bacteria
Bacteria – Coccus Form Coccus form bacteria
Bacteria Spirillum Form Spirillum form bacteria
Euglena Euglena is a single cell organisms that has characteristics of both plants and animals
Mixed Algae The amoeba is a single cell orgaism that lives in water.
Paramecium – Video Video of live paramecium in pond water viewed with phase contrast illumination.
Paramecium – Fission Stained preparation in which some individual paramecium are in the process of reproducing by fission.
Penicillium with Conidia Stained colony of penicillium mold.
Spirogyra Spirogyra is a fresh water filamentous algae named for the helical (spiral) arrangement of the chloroplasts.
Trypanosomes in Human Blood Trypanosomes are parasitic flagellate protozoa.