V-Scope Explorer – Slides included in the Multicellular Plants set

Deciduous Leaf Cross Section Stained cross section of leaf from a deciduous plant.
Deciduous Stem Tip Stained cross section of stem from a deciduous
Dicot Root Stained cross section of dicot root.
Dicot Stem Stained cross section of dicot stem
Elodea Live Video in spring water (Only in 20x and 40x): Video of live elodea in spring water as a control for the osmosis experiment.
Elodea Live Video in 9% NaCl (Only in 20x and 40X): This is the same leaf as “Elodea-Live in spring water” slide after placing it in a hypertonic salt solution (9% NaCl).
Stained Elodea In the stained preparation of the elodea leaf the nuclei of the cells can be seen.
Lily Anther with Pollen Lily anther with numerous pollen granules within the microsporangium (pollen sack).
Lily Ovulary Meiosis Stained lily ovulary (ovary) in cross section showing cellular structure and ovum
Monocot Root Stained Cross section of root.
Monocot Stem Stained stem in cross section.
Onion Root Tip Mitosis Cross section of root tip stained to show chromosomes in cells that are in various stages of cell division.
Red onion skin fresh (unstained) Inner skin of a fresh red onion.