V-Scope Explorer – Slides included in the Multicellular Animals set

Whitefish Blastula Early embryo stained to show chromosomes and cells in various stages of cell division
Blood, Healthy Human Human blood smear.
Frog Blood Smear Frog Blood Smear. Unlike mammals, erythrocytes of amphibians have nuclei.
Brain-Cat Cerebellum, (Golgi Stained) Golgi stain of cat cerebellum.
Dog Tongue Dog tongue showing component histological parts.
Hydra Living, Eating Brine Shrimp Video of living hydra eating brine shrimp.
Hydra – Whole Mount Stained whole mount of hydra.
Honey Bee Head Cross Section Cross section of honeybee head showing compound eyes and brain.
Human Intestine Section through the duodenum of the human small intestine.
Obelia Whole Mount Whole mount of Obelia in vegetative stage. Obelia is a salt water relative of the fresh water hydra.
Planaria (Injected) Injected with dye to show gastrovacular cavity