Slides included in the Microbiology Set

Amoeba, LIVE Video 4x- 40X Objectives
Amoeba, Stained
Bacillus anthracis, Gram Stain
Bacteria in Pond Water – VIDEO – 10x-40x Objectives
Bacteria Cultured from Skin. Phase Contrast VIDEO – 20x & 40x
Bacteria Coccus Form
Bacteria Spirillum Form
Bacteria in Human Cheek Cells
E.coli Gram Stain – 10x-40x
E.coli. VIDEO – Live Phase Contrast – 20x & 40x
L.acidophilus. Gram Stain
Euglena VIDEO. Bright Field 1x-40X
Euglena VIDEO – Phase Contrast – 1x – 40x
Mixed Algae
Mold from Fresh Ginger
Mold from Pepperoni
Mold from Yogurt
Paramecium VIDEO – 1x – 40x
Paramecium & Euglena – VIDEO – 1x-40x
Paramecium Conjugation
Paramecium Fission
Penicillin with Condia
Plaque from Human Teeth – 10x – 40x
Rotifer – VIDEO – Phase Contrast
Staphylococcus Epidermis – Gram – 4x – 40x
Stentor – VIDEO – Phase Contrast – 1x – 40x
Trypanosomes in Human Blood
Volvox – VIDEO – 1x & 4x – STILL – 10x – 40x
Yeast Crystal Violet
Yeast Gram Stain
Yogurt Bacteria – Phase Contrast – 10x – 40x