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Biology is the study of Living Organisms. Organisms created by God. Since God created all things, the study of earth’s Biology has not changed since the beginning of time.  It has always included the close examination of plants, and animals. In a mostly prefabricated world these natural organisms are truly the best creations of all.

The difficulty of Biology is examining God’s creations. For Home School Students this task is even more difficult and can be very expensive and time consuming. Generally, a microscope is needed and hundreds of living specimens must be sacrificed in order to complete a Biology Class. Our goal was to preserve thousands of God’s great work while creating a multi-use resource for thousands to learn from.

With our earth friendly and noted tremendous resources, students everywhere can experience God’s creations online. This virtual Biology Lab offers the Home School Student the ability to understand how these living organisms function and what the core cell structure looks like under a microscope. In general, Biology examines the structure, function, growth, origin, distribution and classification of all living things. Five unifying principles form the foundation of modern biology which can all be learned through this extensive, well-crafted earth friendly affordable lab resource.

Using the technology of a $40,000 research micro scope and only ONE set of specimens, the V-Scope Explorer can meet the needs of every Home School Student’s learning goals of  completing a Biology Lab. Since God created earth these specimens have not changed in structure and learning the importance of how biology is in your everyday life is easily achieved through this resource.

We have made the world come to life through, clear, concise images while adding in video samples to further allow the student to grasp the creation of these basic specimens .


Best yet the price for access to these lab manuals and specimens is very affordable and includes everything you will need to learn and complete a Biology lab.