Anatomy/Physiology courses can be the most difficult of all classes.  We have partnered with two other on-lines resources that make these classes easier to learn and allow a more engaging fun learning experience.

Cost $99.00/year (value exceeds $125/year)  

Access is through username/pass code issued after purchase.

Primal Pictures:                                                combined with        V-Scope Explorer:     

Interactive A&P resource                                                                      A&P Virtual Lab    

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Primal Pictures: Anatomy & Physiology Online – Featuring 19 fully interactive modules that bring to life keyanatomy and physiology concepts you need to know and understand to pass your course.

Stunning interactive 3D anatomy views allow you to engage with the 3D model using intuitive functions to rotate, add or remove anatomy and identify and learn more about any visible structure.

Each module has case studies, giving real medical context and relevance, as well as a dedicated section on aging.

Test your knowledge with the interactive quizzes at the end of each section.  Taking a test has never been so much fun – with many different types of questions to keep you on your toes!

  • Engaging use of different types of media such as sound/voice over, interactive 3D images, animations, labeling and layering.
  • Guided approach allows you to review learning objectives, review content at your own pace, apply your knowledge using clinical case studies and self test using interactive quizzes.
  • Pronunciation guide to help with tricky anatomical terms.


V-Scope Explorer is a complete interactive Biology Lab program.  This easy to use program allows the student to completely view all specimens in 5 power settings, thereby providing the student a full microscopy experience.  The slide images are superior quality and well labelled further enhancing the at home lab experience.  Images like these are never  scene with a quality classroom microscope.   The consistency and program makes it for a fun and complete learning experience that can be reviewed 24/7.   Understanding cell structure and cell formations are easy to learn and comprehend.