Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access?
Access is through a licensed subscription. Subscription license is for a one year period. Access into the V-Scope Explorer resource is through a user name/pass code. Please click to contact us via email or call 813-850-4558.
Does my computer require any special functions in order to use the V-Scope Explorer?
The V-Scope Explorer is a Flash-based program and requires the Flash player that can be down-loaded at no cost from
How were the slides chosen?
The virtual slide sets for the Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Biology were chosen through consultation with instructors in these courses and replicate specimens that would be included in standard collections of real slide sets for these topic areas.
How were the slides produced?
The digital slides were produced with state-of-the art microscopes and camera systems, from specimens of higher quality than can be obtained from standard commercial sources at any price.
When I click the Show Label button, sometimes I do not see the specimen labeled.
Often when the label function is activated the portion of the slide that is labeled is NOT in the Eyepiece View. You must navigate the slide on the microscope deck (as you would with a real microscope) in order to view the labeled cells. Also a Full Screen choice will often show the labeled cells as well. But be assured they are there.
Will the V-Scope Explorer program add more slides?
We constantly ask our customer base what new slides they would like to have in the program. We add slides periodically in order to keep current and address the needs of our customers.
Does the V-Scope Explorer serve as a Lab substitute?
The V-Scope Explorer program is designed as a support resource for hands on labs and for use in online science courses. However, some schools will use this program in their lesson plans and others may use this exclusively for their labs due to budget constraints and safety. Additionally, the program will be used as a follow up to un-finished labs.
Are there an age restrictions on the program?
The programs have been carefully designed to allow students of all ages to experience the feel and success of preforming a lab. The elementary program is designed for younger students while the Anatomy& Physiology slides are more age specific for High School and College students.
Can Slides be printed?
Slide images can be printed after acquiring a screen capture of the specimens.
Can I add my own slides into this program?
Not at this time. But please inquire about customized slides produced from user-provided specimens or images.


If you have any other question, please contact us here