how to rig a trailer hook on a jig

For compact jigs threaded with plastic trailers: 20-pound fluorocarbon line, a 7’ 2” rod suited for making short roll casts and more lengthily pitches, and 6.3:1 Quantum Tour Mg reel. He talked about how cool it was to see his ride-along Marshal’s hands tremble with excitement during the 40-minute flurry of keeper catching madness they shared in the tournament’s final hour the day before. In the wake of heartbreaking defeat, Swindle still laughed, and even talked about more serious matters like the importance of having a true sense of God-fearing accountability in life. ------------------------------------------TJ81 CODE FOR 20% OFFBioSpawn - OFF Entire Order + FREE SHIPPING on Orders $50+ At Cal Coast - Use Code TJ81 $10 off your FIRST Mystery Tackle Box Subscription (Valid for NEW Subscriptions ONLY) - use code TJ81 - TackleFreaks Here coupon code: TJ81 for 15% offNuTech Lures - Team Lures Code TJ81 for 15% OFF (I receive 0 kickbacks from that code, it's strictly to help YOU) Baits - Use Code TJ81 for 15% OFF (No commision): Rods and Reels. Sport - Code TJ81 20% OFF Scale (Affiliate Link) Use Code TJ81 For 15% OFF Out YoloTek Charging Pole For Boats Monkey Gloves - Use Code TJ81 for 20% OFF to TackleJunky81: follow me on Twitter: Hook the fat end of the strip on the hook of the jig and position the stinger hook towards the middle. After I landed a nice 5-pound bass on it, I was immediately hooked. “Ninety percent of the time, if I’m pitching or flipping a 1/2-ounce jig, I want a bigger profile, so I’ll just tip it, as opposed to threading it on there,” says Swindle. A 7 pound giant taken on a jig during the pre-spawn transition in the Midwest. Their specialized uses in bass fishing are as follows: First, the weedless bass jig is the specialized bottom-probing form of this lure, often used in thick cover. In this case, pros often score by attaching a small "teaser" fly, jig, soft-plastic bait or other lure ahead of a larger, heavier spoon, jig or plug. Only problem is you'll be replacing trailers often but that just means your catching fish. We use about 7 feet of it per rig. Best Texas Rig Hooks. The concoction imitates a crawfish, and plastic trailers are often made to look like a crawfish. Continue pulling to tighten the line around the main hook. “We only have to make the hook penetrate that far. Also try the following double trailer cocktail on a sparsely-skirted jig. Weights range from 3/16- to 1/4-ounce. when to set the hook on a jig and trailer. There's an important exception to my depth rule for trailer selection, and that's when I'm swimming a jig — which I mostly do in shallow water. “A lot of guys want the faster 7.3:1 reels to pitch with. There are three main ways to rig a paddle tail swimbait; exposed top hook, weedless, and bottom treble hook. And since I think it looks nice I have confidence in it. To rig this style yourself, simply slide the hook into the nose of the bait and poke the hook through the back so the base of the hook lays against the nose of the bait. First, thin out and trim down the jig skirt more than normally. It didn't move. These are the "sliders". If you use a number 2 hook for steel what do you tie in for a trailer? I'm throwing today is Green pumpkin with Blue Flake. Some rather unusual ways to fish grubs are to either nose-hook it on a drop shot or use it as a jig trailer. “Threading a trailer up the hook shank versus hanging it from the bend of the hook is pretty much all about what profile you’re trying to achieve, and that relates mostly to water color and fishing pressure,” explains the 2004 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year. The system has several advantages. In this video tutorial I will show you how I rig my soft baits on to several types of hooks for different fishing techniques. September 3, 2014. The jig of a jig and pig is usually a lead head jig with a fairly big hook. He gave a great explanation about how anglers get too carried away on hooksets at a recent Bass University course. Trailer Hooks. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. And I've caught dozens of key fish that were either only hooked by the trailer hook or were pinned way better by the combination fo the trailer hook and the main hook. The first thing I consider is the depth I'm fishing. His favorite trailer to thread on his jig when skipping docks is a simple one: a plain green pumpkin Zoom Fat Albert twin tail. Reel down a little bit to keep the line tight in case of a strike and repeat. when to set the hook on a jig and trailer. The hook never penetrates, especially with a football head jig, it never touches inside his mouth. It is normally dressed in either a rubber skirt or hair. Swimbait Bite-Back The Pro: Brent Ehrler, California The Rig: Hollow-belly swimbait with trailing treble hook The Benefit: Fitting his swimbait on a 4/0-6/0 Owner Beast TwistLOCK hook, Ehrler attaches an Owner Stinger Harness to the hook's eye and pins one arm of a No. He simply keeps reeling the jig until the fish loads the rod for him. For the additional hook we are using the Mustad Jigging assist hooks in size 5/0-9/0 depending on the jig size. As helpful as that versatility is, it can make it difficult to decide on which trailer to thread on. Not sure right or wrong I have tied a trailer hook to a jig by adding a regular octopus hook tied into the shank of the jig hook with 65 lb brad. Swampers Timmy Horton Roll Call Interchangeable Hook. It's an outstanding color. Not to mention, it’s still plenty, plenty, fast enough to pick up slack line when the bite occurs. “The point of the hook to the barb is about a 1/4 inch — that far,” he said. Rig a jig jig - Die preiswertesten Rig a jig jig verglichen. Instead of threading a crawfish-style trailer onto his jigs, he prefers using a chunk-style trailer for several reasons. They look a lot like the old pork frogs that were so popular before we had so many soft plastic options. There's nothing to hookset on. Erfahrungen mit Rig a jig jig. Hold the knot in one hand, the hook in the other. Constructed from premium gold-plated, fine link chain, Northland’s new BAIT-CHAIN DROPPER HOOK is available in four length/hook combinations, each adorned with a versatile Mustad® Fast-Snap and a premium hook. Jig Trailers...How To Rig A Chunk Trailer On A Jig - YouTube Instead of threading a crawfish-style trailer onto his jigs, he prefers using a chunk-style trailer for several reasons. Make a clockwise motion with your hand holding the hook to form a loop. I rig it one way and I still catch fish. I got a hit on it and as soon as i felt the hit i set the hook well at least i thought i did. It’s a new way to fish soft plastics like a jig with more action and without, well, the jig. Jun 26, 2017 - This video will show the two main ways to put a trailer on to your fishing jig. Twelve hours after losing by ounces at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Dardanelle, Gerald Swindle sat in a booth with his best friend and wife, LeAnn, at the Russellville, Ark., Waffle House. Today you have Hitchhikers or Owner CPS springs that will hold soft plastic trailers very well and can be attached to the jig hook eye and the jig hook point into the soft plastic body. Published in . A long, fresh strip bait of bunker, bluefish, mackerel, sea robin belly, etc. There are four categories of jig trailers, but hundreds of varieties and manufacturers who build them. Why do I need it? $2.49 Gamakatsu Open Eye Siwash Hooks. Primary advantages “When a bass flares its gills and sucks in the jig, that big chunk is the first thing that goes into its mouth, followed closely by the hook. However you use it, the bait will swing freely thanks to the rings that attaches the hook … I eventually learned how to throw a jig, and part of that journey was learning to properly rig jigheads in the first place.. Once I mastered that, I began catching more speckled trout and redfish, especially when the bite got tough. 4,347. I wouldn't use it either, however if swimming a jig there would be less chance of getting snagged. If fish consistently bite from below, he'll reposition the stinger on the bait's underside. With all the great plastics options on the market – how does one know which to use, and when? How do you do trailers for steel and salmon? Use a light sinker, and a thin wire 1/0 or 2/0 EWG hook, and slowly work the grub along weed lines, laydowns and boat docks. “For example, at Dardanelle I was pitching into gnarly cover like thick cattails, and real thick water willow vegetation on the shoreline, and at times you couldn’t see 2 inches deep because the water was so dirty from the rains we had – that’s when the big profile is really important.”. Now, slip an Uncle Josh 4" twin tail eel onto the hook. Todd Faircloth on How to Rig a Nonslip Jig Trailer. Very compact for the weight. The big topwater plug, such as a Strike King Sexy Dawg, will draw the attention of these temperamental bass and as they come up to investigate it, the little grub or crappie jig acts as a little lollipop dangling right in their face. That's the heavier bitsy flip jig. Rig a jig jig - Unser Favorit . 1. Rangerz520. Ideal casting jig trailers include craws, creatures, and grubs. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Daily Limit: Back in Elites, Hackney, Christie feel like rookies, Feider’s 9-pounder at Lake Fork wins him a Tundra, Lester looking to avoid Lake Fork’s coffee colored water. Hooking the tube slightly off-center so the trailer hangs down opposite the jig’s line tie creates a unique falling action. I’m amped-up enough as it is, and besides, you can tow a bass out of heavier cover way better with a bulldozer than you can a sports car, and that 6.3:1 reel is geared more like a dozer. There are exceptions to just about everything, but generally when I'm fishing shallow I like to use a chunk-style trailer. I rig it like I were to rig a jig. Hook arrangements for soft-body swimbaits, for example, provide plenty of room for stingers--either the kind that dangle from a lead hook or those attached by a harness. Cast out and let your jig hook sink to the bottom and count a few seconds or wait until you feel the spoon hit the bottom. Hook Walleye With These 4 Baits. Check out this video for some tips on rigging jig trailers. You can use the photos below to help you rig the grub onto the hook. Wait several seconds for the jig hook to hit the bottom. Until that fish, you know, will fight you all the way to the boat until he opens his mouth, and then out, comes the jig… My standard hook set is from waist level to behind my head hard and fast. Instead of using the ready-made trailer hooks with heat shrink on the eyelet of the hook, Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith prefers a free-swinging trailer hook. “Always thread your trailer up the hook shank if you’re skipping a jig around docks, because if you tip it it’s gonna turn-over on the hook and mess up your skip,” says Swindle, known as one of the best dock skippers to ever launch a boat. The ideal head shape should be something compact, preferably with a recessed line tie. Posted by Tim Allard. Finally, I love weighted hooks because you can rig your lures weedless, which greatly decrease your chance of snagging grass or getting stuck on rocks, oyster bars, or dock pilings. December 11, 2017 In this Major League Lesson, MLF pro Todd Faircloth talks about how to rig a non-stick jig trailer and preserve them. I like to fish a compact jig most of the time, but there is the rare occasion that I want to fish something bulky.

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