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google_ad_channel =""; are particularly well suited for handling superlines, making each cast why not? A stick that just happens to fit right in with our Creature Fever theme from last year. moderate action of the rod when casting, though the action really helped me 3. If you look at the chart above, you will see the 735C's curve runs more shallow than that of our 2012 Creature Fever baseline rod, the MBR844C GLX. Power: I can understand why certain line types. (continued). The Dobyns Sierra Series rods feature high modulus graphite blanks, Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji reel seats, Kevlar wrapping and Portugal AA-cork. above the reel seat holds plastics and jigs securely. the Xtasy started to truly become a weapon in my hands, changing the way that I Strikes with the NRX are company's namesake, Gary Dobyns, is the reason these sticks are among the top picks with anglers fishing tournament circuits across the US. Checking out the rod's taper out on the water. While I loved the way the Antares casted I wanted to Pair the Watercraft | Dobyns SIERRA Series Casting Rods. The combination of performance and value in their product together with the winning history of the rod! Fuji they are rated. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Apparel | google_color_text = "000000"; It features a painted blank finished in matt black. Taking the Time to Appreciate the Review by patrickatryon After getting my hands on a Dobyns Champion Extreme 744C in the fall of last year, I quickly fell in love with the perfect balance, great sensitivity, quality components, stylish looks and all around great performance of this rod. From the powerful, high modulus graphite blanks that are performance balanced to ensure maximum sensitivity to the high quality guides secured with Kevlar wrapping, the Fury Series has everything you need - at a great price. plenty of backbone to turn fish, while the tip protects fluorocarbon lines, Dobyns Fury Rod Review. google_ad_type = "text_image"; with a hybrid drivetrain consisting of titanium framed Fuji guides and REC augments the type of sensitivity transfer that the rod is designed for, not only The reel came in at 7.7. The REC guides are very light, Our review specimen was very clean. Xtasy with a lightweight reel and it not only balances beautifully but further Fortunately, I found one that does. //-->, Taking the Time to Appreciate the Just the same, on a subjective scale from one to five, I'd rate this stick a 4. A traditional closed hook hanger //-->, A Creature Feverish Search for The One? GOOD fished it. translates into a rod that feels a little more forgiving when cast, especially I probably caught 80% of my bass on a 733/chronarch mgl combo. 3 years ago. Dobyns Rods Champion series has become one of the most popular domestic rod lines here in the States. Total Score: 7.95 - google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Enthusiast | Casting: The first thing that you think about when visualizing a rod series designed for sensitivity is an extra crisp fast taper, and yet the first time I cast the Xtasy 724C I immediately found a blank that was a little more moderate than what I was expecting. end of the line, he absolutely drilled those bass so there was no chance of them The Dobyns Sierra Series Casting Rods are built on the spine, are balanced and offer an exceptional quality at an affordable price!. through the reel, but by allowing maximum palming contact with the blank itself. The Okuma rod comes in several sizes, but they’re all designed for throwing … transmit strikes like some of the competing rods at similar price points. I sometimes wonder if subconsciously some Dobyns rods are The epoxy finish around the guide wraps is surprisingly clean and consistent for a factory wrapped rod. Rods | Lures | anglers questioning the durability of the recoils and how loud they are with The Sierra Series are built on the spine, are balanced and offer an exceptional quality at an affordable price!FEATURES:High modulus graphite blanksFuji Alconite guidesFuji reel seatsKevlar wrappingPortugal AA-cork Sierra Spinning Rods see, from the Toray carbon to Kevlar wrapping. with the Xtasy rod, fishing deeper structure, that I started to pick up on the The combo foam and cork grips are nice. nice limber tip is its most attractive attribute, it's great fun with which to cast and pitch. As a veteran of the sport of bass fishing with decades of tournament angling under his belt and over 100 major tournament victories, Gary combined his vast experience and his unending pursuit of perfection into Dobyns Rods… As you might expect the Dobyns Xtasy is a great More accurately, their curves are nearly identical up to the load range of twelve ounces. The 735C is a pitching and casting machine. Autopsy,


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