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The AstroAI Reusable Dust Mask with Filters. 5. We want to offer you our selection of face protection products including cartridges, disposables, and half masks. Contains a breathable and durable dust mask shell, Aluminium covered with plastic adjustable nose clip, Convenient adjustable hook and loop fastening. The Best Respirators For Spray Painting (Review) in 2020, The Best Car Detailing Kits (Review) in 2020, Best Car Detailing Brushes (Review) in 2020, The Best Car Dusters (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020, Best Car Carpet Cleaners (Review & Buying Guide) 2020, Help us to show you There is a simple aluminum nose clip so you can tailor the fit and the whole dust mask is kept in place by a sturdy elastic band. Workers should be educated on the health effects of dust as some may disregard the protective clothing they are provided with. But we wouldn’t provide this info if everything was so simple. However, these masks do not protect against strong gasses and vapors. Over the years, some workers have relegated the importance of the dust mask to be background because of a negative believe that IT DOESN'T WORK. - Silicone mask body, soft and comfortable, close to the face. Searching for a dust mask that provides comfort and quality can be a difficult task. In order for you to have the full protection of the Dust Mask. People with respiratory conditions need a dust mask that is always able to protect them from contaminants. Manufactured from industry-leading... Silicone Full Facepiece Respirator by Gerson®. A: Dust is made up of miniscule particles of solid matter from the environment – both natural and man-made. No doubt that the most certain method of avoiding the occupational injury is to follow all the safety requirements. For example, if you work in construction or with materials that produce dust, wear safety goggles or glasses that feature side shields or wrap-around frames to protect your eyes. Once you start working in an auto body shop, you’ll find that wearing a disposable mask will protect you from airborne particles like dust and mists. Dust mask to protect against non-toxic airborne particles, Rated at N95 – filters 95% of contaminants, Protection against particles as small as 0.3 microns, Soft fabric, with non-latex spandex ear loops. SATA Vision 2000™ full hood and activated charcoal belt unit. The dust masks, particulate masks, and N95 respirators that we carry are ideal for use in wood shops, stone fabrications shops, auto body shops, or anywhere there are airborne particles present that may be inhale. CandyCare masks are latex-free, which can protect against facial rashes caused by latex designed options. This option contains replacement filters designed to extend the mask’s service capabilities. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Breathe easier with our selection of auto breathing respirators and dust masks. The Base Camp M Plus Dust Face Mask provides that protection. Without Bump Cap. Features: - The plastic casing is lightweight and reduces burden. Protect law enforcement and military personnel from a variety of respiratory hazards with this full line of CBRN and riot control gas masks. It also contains a bendable metal edge on top of the mask designed to fit your nose. We also carry an assortment of lens covers and cartridges for organic vapors as well as dust masks that protect against non-toxic dusts, powders, pollen, and other common airborne particles, so you can finally have peace of mind. A simple half face mask will cover the nose and mouth, which is perfectly serviceable if you are working in an environment which does not have particles that could be harmful to your eyes or skin. All rights reserved. This option offers specific comfortability for those that wear eyeglasses or protective goggles. The N95 may look similar to the dust mask, but only because they are both white--that's where the similarity ends. Using a particulate mask will filter out harmful particles before you have the chance to inhale them, protecting your lungs and respiratory system from contamination. H3 (6) Rally (3) SAS Safety (1) This is a test. AstroAl provides the versatility you need, no matter where you are. Without Filter. I am also very proud to include this last product, the Protect Life … It seals comfortably and remains sealed, even while talking. They can also be worn if you are susceptible to allergies. This feature prevents the mask from slipping off your face while maintaining facial stability. CandyCare masks are latex-free, which can protect against facial rashes caused by latex designed options. It also has adjustable straps and a nose bridge to provide a stabilized facial fit. And as a reusable dust mask, it is really good value; hand wash and look after this breathing mask well and it should last you up to six months. $16.69 - $17.49. - Silicone lanyard with good elasticity and adjustable buckle. For less than $20 you get a multi-purpose breathing mask that will take you from workshop to garden and then on to your outdoor training session, whipping out the main airborne nasties as you work, rest and play. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. provides that protection. Hundreds of thousands of acres burned, causing billions in property damage and tragic losses of life across the state. Manufactured... 8000™ Medium Paint Spray And Pesticides Respirator by Moldex®. is more than a viable option. - Silicone lanyard with good elasticity and adjustable buckle. It can also protect against liquids like paint, as well as some fumes. BAIGEWA provides a dust mask option that delivers the durability and results you demand from any dust mask. Bartact are sure you've seen all kinds of masks to date, and some are very intricate. It also contains 6.1 percent additional elasticity to provide a more comfortable fit. Featuring flexible... Electric Cord with On/Off Switch for Supplied Air System by SAS Safety®. There are times when we are looking for a dust mask that maintains basic characteristics while providing the results we demand. Filter. The mask is constructed in a cotton knit jersey design, similar to an everyday T-shirt to maintain breathing comfort. With most reusable dusk masks, look for an aluminum strip across the bridge of the nose that can be bent to fit as well as a strip of foam rubber on the inside to ensure a good seal. It is neither inferred nor implied that any item sold by is a product authorized by or in any way connected with any manufacturers displayed on this page. It is constructed in a powerful three-layered fabric designed to protect against external contaminants. Without Filter. MSA® products may be simple to use and maintain, but they're also highly-sophisticated devices and protective gear - the... Comfo™ GME Chemical and Combination Cartridge by MSA®. Plus, the seal is extra-wide, so it fits more... Ultra-Twin™ Full Facepiece Air Purifying Respirator by MSA®. Black Mask Disposable Face Masks Breathable Dust Filter Mouth Cover Masks with Elastic Ear Loop for Men & Women (50pcs) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,753 $11.99 - $21.99 It also provides an AEB system designed to keep the mask securely in place for every task. These face dust masks are not intended to protect against vapors, such as those found when spray painting your auto. For Chin-Type Gas Mask with OV/P100 Filter. Lightweight Chin-Type Gas Masks use a replaceable canister to offer strong protection against particulate matter, vapors and gases. Also, if you have a filter mask, check the expiry date. Coverage: You can also choose how much the dust mask covers your face. This will ensure that the mask will have a perfect fit on your face and that no leaks will be present. It also contains 6.1 percent additional elasticity to provide a more comfortable fit. For contaminants such as asbestos, lead, inorganic arsenic, cadmium and MDA that fall under an OSHA substance specific standard requiring a High Efficiency... Advantage™ Organic Vapor Acid Gas GMC Respirator Cartridge by MSA®. ANGPO Reusable Respirators provide a dust mask option that compares favorably with other leading options. For a straightforward breathing mask to have in the workshop or back of the truck, the cost-effective SAS Safety dust mask comes in a box of 50 so you are always ready for those small dusty “nuisance’” jobs. For oil-free paint sprays/pesticides use 8111/2/3. Protect yourself against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and smoke – even during longer periods of use. Dust Mask. Protect Life Disposable Dust Mask. Vision 2000™ Full Facepiece Mask by Replace®. Full Face Respirator secure and comfort fit. It contains two PM2.5 carbon filters to provide complete protection against contaminants. your rating. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to complete your project, this 1st-grade product is right up your alley. We offer a great choice of upmarket masks and respirators at unbeatable prices. Now, here’s the clever bit – your mask will be rated as a combination of the two, for example, N95 mask (not resistant, 95% filter capacity). Multi-layer material composite structure, using two methods of... HH Lifa Face Mask by Helly Hansen®. is constructed of premium nylon that provides the durability you demand in a dust mask. If you are working in an environment that could expose you to hazardous dust, then you need to take the right precautions to keep you safe – and this means wearing a dust mask. Adjustable nose clip for form-fitting comfort that accommodates every facial type, Contains a four-layer filter designed to repel particles while allowing users to maintain breathing, Adjustable neck strap to alleviate neck strain while providing a comfortable fit, Made from premium nylon that allows for easy mask washing and multiple uses, Contains six replacement filters that prolong mask usage. 1-10 of 10 Results. We are constantly striving for multipurpose items designed to streamline our daily endeavors. Certified to the PPE directive, our range of dust masks & respirators provide clean and safe air when working in potentially hazardous conditions. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Breathe easier with our selection of auto breathing respirators and dust masks. And, thanks to the neoprene, it has been designed to perform effectively in cold temperatures. To help, here’s the lowdown on both: These breathing masks are intended to wear for a short period of time before you throw them away. Direct Contact Skin Layer absorbs the heat exhaled from the body, leving the skin dry and comfortable. It provides the comfort and ability for use in hot climates necessary for outdoor occupations. Tip Plus Corp., dba TP Tools & Equipment 7075 State Route 446, PO Box 649 Canfield, OH 44406 Primacare: 3 Ply Face Masks - DisposableEN ISO13485_2016 CertifiedHigh QualityDelivery Available Country Wide !This 3 Ply face mask is able to block and filter from germs, dust, pollens and air-born droplets.With the very essential Melt-blown cloth layer inside, this mask is capable of fil tering 0.5 micron particles up to 95%.

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