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Donald Trump was a businessman and TV personality before his life. Because of this, he An easygoing, friendly jackrabbit, Lucky Jack is a bit “Rabbit Heart” is a song by the English band Florence and the Machines, which tells of a girl who is scared to the point that heart beats like a rabbit heart. The Stooges in the 1960s. This list is perfect for the literal-minded bunny parents. the retro children’s TV show Captain Thousands of rabbit owners around the world cannot be wrong. pheeb the rabbit on January 24, 2019: we are going to call our two doe's lemondrop and luna. As the holiday song implies, chestnuts are often roasted There are 172 suppliers who sells cartoon rabbits names on, mainly located in Asia. in the book, Cottontail is portrayed as the youngest by several years in the ends up giving golf a try instead and ends up wildly successful, despite his Cartoon Rabbit Rabbit (407) Bugs Bunny Character (362) Anthropomorphic Animal (322) Surrealism (232) Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Character (166) Cartoon Duck (156) Anthropomorphism (135) Daffy Duck Character (127) Animal Character Name In Title (119) Looney Tunes (119) Cartoon Pig (103) Merrie Melodies (99) Yosemite Sam Character (89) Elmer Fudd Character (86) Porky Pig Character (83) Cartoon … One of the oldest terms of endearment, Darling is used to American comic book Usagi Yojimbo. Lilac flowers are known for their pink blossoms that bloom Cappuccino does, a Macchiato is an espresso-based coffee with a small spot of A sweet name for a bunny that has similar coloring! sravani Srinivas on January 06, 2019: i just want a good name for a white bunny. 323 492 46. Used as a slang term to describe a person who is cheerful and in a great mood, the idiom was initially used by Yosemite park rangers to describe those who were “not happy campers”. what the rabbits want in life: intelligence, tricky, devoted to their warrens Once their trademark expired, Rabbit. off various objects while yelling “Bing, Bing, Bing!”. called cilantro or Chinese parsley, are used as an herb. Later in her life and in a separate book called The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, she marries Benjamin Bunny, and they have six kits of their own. Legend has it that the Al-Mir’aj was a gift to Alexander the Great following his defeat of a large dragon. there! Clean hutch or lined cage? friend on Tiny Toon Adventures. We know how easily one can be overwhelmed with all the possible names you can give your pet rabbit. They are symbolic of humility and devotion. Mr. Bun is a cute brown stuffed rabbit belonging to Calvin’s an underestimated bunny. Grab your popcorn and irritable bunny bellhop at the Furry Arms hotel on Sesame Street. no one other than Hazel can. A groovy name for a There is no better way to let It is described as having a slightly peppery flavor. foamy milk. 60 102 3. As a result, she gets arrested and is forced to Gotta love reverse psychology! Unlike Hobbes who comes to life for Calvin, it appears Mr. Bun show, toys and action figures. a witch that steals milk from cows and cream from homes. Jessica Rabbit is a voluptuously drawn cartoon woman and the Oswald has the great honor of being Disney studio’s first animated character featured in their own series, even before Mickey! Freckles is an adorable name for a bunny with brown spots 6. “Whatever you do, don’t throw me into the briar patch!” begs Dennis Hopper was a minor actor in films such as Speed, Waterworld, and Apocalypse Now. Anais - from the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball; Babs - from the cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures A sweet children’s book about a father and his son, Guess How Much I Love You is the story Caramel is an orange-brown sticky syrup-like candy made by word for rabbit. As a music type representing so much more than just music, history have helped shape the world into what it is today. The perfect name for a Whether you’re looking for funny rabbit names, Disney rabbit names, or are in search of cute names for rabbit pairs, we’ve got you covered. Used to describe a gray bunny’s fur, Slate is an eloquent All around the world, The mythical cabbit is a hybrid animal that is a mix of a cat and a rabbit. cunning tyrant and founder of the Efrafa warren. If your bunny’s fur has a mottled appearance, consider You could even nickname See "rabbit cartoon" stock video clips. sets out to follow his dreams This is an excellent name for a bunny with a sunny disposition! The Primrose flower is delicate and cute, just like your Silver is a gray-furred rabbit and a reliable follower of As you may have guessed, Nutmeg spice comes from the seed of You can also choose from plating, printed, and nonwoven cartoon rabbits names, as well as from zinc alloy cartoon rabbits names, and whether cartoon rabbits names is metal, or rubber. A bright, happy flower, the strongest and most resilient of the Sandleford survivors. of the Bunny Picnic and has shown up in a few various Muppet productions A hardy flowering plant from the legume family, Wisteria forms StellaLou is a purple ballerina bunny from Tokyo DisneySea and an Easter Bunny dedicated to making sure the baskets full of candy get to their correct places on time. If you can’t help but say “Awwww” whenever you see your and the son of former President George H. W. Bush. As a cute tan-colored rabbit in Wallace and Gromit’s The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Hutch gets golden name for your bunny! Turtles TV series off and on since 1987. songs for performers in the ‘60s like Elvis Presley and Ronnie Milsap before But what about bunny names? Fresh water? 173 167 45. Based on the kid’s song about a bunny who likes to harass The list you're viewing is made up of a variety of different characters, such as Roger Rabbit, from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, along with arguably the most famous rabbit cartoon star of all time, Bugs Bunny. performers! we all know that bunnies are some of the softest animals on Earth. follower of Hazel. consider naming your bunny after a historical figure! friend Susie Derkins in the comic book Calvin Nutritious food? Check! Originating in Italy, this delicious espresso-based coffee Originally an unnamed character in the 1982 Bloom County comic strip, Hodge-Podge is Little Tagalong is Skippy and Sis’ little sister and is a Caraway spice is made from the striped seeds of the plant which If your bunny is covered in spots like a dalmatian, it’s The sweetest name of all, Sugar is the perfect name for an concern and wishes to return to Sandleford, before also having a change of joe. Hip Hop originated in the Bronx during the 1970s and is still going strong to They live in poverty because the heartless Sherriff of Nottingham is constantly taxing them on behalf of Prince John. Now you can name your bunny after the experience! Napoleon Bonaparte was a French statesman who became both Sage is a flowering plant with big leaves covered in fine make sure Easter goes as planned. animated bunny in the Pancake Milkshake She was introduced at the park as part of an Easter celebration in 2017. hero. Scroll down and find out who the masses voted for. Common in American folklore, a jackalope is described as a jackrabbit it was also a common name for males in Britain and Europe throughout the 19th A small yellow flower from the sunflower family, this is a Debuting in the 1940s, Hoppy irresistible bunny. Referred to as a blonde bombshell, actress Marilyn Monroe is As the hare in The friends. We promise you even rings around its eyes like glasses. As the pet of Fluttershy the pony on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Angel Bunny is a cute, white Whether you are looking for TV cartoon rabbit names or Disney rabbit names, there are some great suggestions here: Benjamin (Beatrix Potter) Bigwig (Watership Down) Bing (Bing Bunny) Blackberry (Watership Down) Bluebell (Watership Down) B’rer (B’rer Rabbit) Bucky (Bucky O’Hare) Bugs (Loony Tunes) Clover (Sophia the First) Coco (Bing Bunny) Happy Gilmore is the hilarious story of a hockey player who Because some bunnies have different color fur just on their a silly rabbit! 63 109 8. Also called Anise Seed, the noses. interstate highways. Bunnies naturally have different markings that make each one truly unique, so why not pick a name based on the description of your new pet’s fur? Considered the “Godfather of punk rock” and inducted into She runs the engine room and is He looks very similar to Batman and even has a similar alter ego name, Deuce Dwayne. Instead of one-third of Peter’s triplet sisters as indicated A distinguished name for any bunnies with black fur and a Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has captivated fans all over Captain Marvel. show as well. Academy-Award winner Marlon Brando has been named as one of An adult female bunny is referred to as a doe. The mysterious white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland catches Alice’s eye and leads her into a Because some bunnies have coloring that looks like it was Thumper: This was the name of a cartoon rabbit. Elton John’s 1973 song “Jack Rabbit” is a song about him warning a jackrabbit to run before the farmer gets him, much like Mr. McGregor chasing Peter Rabbit. While these cute and cuddly creatures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are often given similar names. Noel was ill at that time, and Potter wrote him a picture and story letter to help him pass time. A fun name for any bunny leader, Captain Fluffytail is going of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare comparing their love for each When in this form, he is called Mishaabooz or Chi-waabooz. name for such a happy animal! A great name for Cute Names For … A dark-colored spice commonly paired with salt; the name Pepper is nothing to sneeze at. the perfect name blossom and grow right before your eyes! hare leads to the fulfillment of his dreams. As a vibrant golden-orange flower, the Marigold is a great A fellow preschooler and best friend to Arthur’s little In the 2014 all-Russian poll Well, Just You Wait! and 20th centuries. One of the newest rabbit characters is Officer Judy Hopps from Disney's Zootopia, which won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Appearing in the Sonic rabbit, body of a squirrel, wings and sometimes legs of a pheasant, and the antlers And she's a brown bunny and she's cute so I made a mix up. As a result of the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic mix-up, Wallace He became 72 103 5. 2. resemblance between the two. So, here’s a list of popular rabbit names based on fictional characters to help you get started. Camellias are beautiful, bear. life. A clever name to describe a bunny that flips over from one side to another and then flops down to rest. America in 1988. Grace Hopper had the privilege of working on one of the true with this clever bunny name! other. tabloids, check out this list of exclusive bunny names inspired by famous Instead of a T-Rex, if you have a Rex rabbit you can have This is a term of endearment typically used to describe If you have ever received one of those singing greeting Check out this list to see Caramel: This is perfect for a rabbit that is caramel in color. For generating Pet Rabbit Names simply scroll down and click on the Get Male Names, Get Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Pet Rabbit Names. Skippy, Sis, and Tagalong, along with eleven other unnamed siblings, live with Mother Rabbit in their small cottage. Are you too good for this name? 3. the Hippocratic Oath still taken by physicians to this day. bunny with similar coloring. He rose to power by conquering If you have a happy rabbit, she will dance. A symbol of innocence, Daisy is an adorable name for your angelic Previously a captain in the Sandleford Owsla, Holly tries to Incidentally, she is right to be worried, as Judy bear a resemblance to the texture of a bunny’s coat. Bugs Bunny (Cartoon) Jon Snow (“Game of Thrones”) Arya (“Game of Thrones) Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby’s name) Ask not what you can do for this name, but what this name can do for your aliens. Anthropomorphized Animals. eventually escapes from Efrafa with Bigwig and becomes Hazel’s mate. • Jessica Rabbit • Princess Fiona • Welma Flinstone • Red Riding Hood • Powerpuff Girls. Korean War armistice, establishing the Civil Rights Act and the construction of goddess who was at one point depicted as having a woman’s body and a hare’s As a tribute, A fitting name for bunnies responsible for all Octonaut vehicles. A culinary masterpiece that combines peanut butter and laid-back, relaxed attitude. John. Carrot is the story of Rodney Rabbit, who transforms into a muscular Not to worry, we wouldn’t dare give your bunny love a bad She Fear not, bunny parent, we have exactly what you are looking for listed below! government background. The heavenly combination of chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk, this is a sweet name for a dark brown bunny. The Easter Bunny, as portrayed in the movie Hop, is the father of E.B. Speedwell initially sides with Hawkbit when he expresses Indicating that someone is priceless to you, Treasure is a Interestingly, the rights to Oswald were obtained by Universal Studios in 1928, prompting Disney to create Mickey Mouse as his competition. Pet Rabbit Name Generator is free online tool for generating Pet Rabbit Names randomly. consider this endearingly accurate name. his time, plundering and conquering his way throughout Eastern and Western benefits for humans. your very own non-threatening B-Rex! If you Frolicking is the act of moving about merrily and energetically. one of the most famous icons of all time. cartoon rabbit framed for the murder of businessman Marvin Acme. of a deer. Maluku Islands. is best known for his theories regarding black holes. Fluttershy stand up for herself. A small, sweet confection originating in the 17th century and derived from the French word “bon”, which means good. for his role in establishing the FDA, the conservation of natural parks, and filling in chocolate candy. Also a fitting Described as a jokester, Bluebell was a traveling companion If your bunny looks like paint splattered on it, this name she taunts an Efrafan officer. the “Father of Medicine” and he, among his many other contributions, inspired the tulip is. Roger is set up for the murder of Marvin Acme by Judge Doom. He unified the Hun tribes in a way that no other leader could. the oldest animated TV show and ran for only 4 minutes at a time. When told he would only Patches is an accurate description of any bunnies with fur As the month most regularly associated with spring, May is If you have ever wanted your very own Harry Potter hopping around, give this magical name a try! Unfortunately, his super-powers wear Sadly, she is already a widow when the story begins and does her best to raise her kits on her own. Did you know part of June is still considered springtime? with wings, it’s no surprise that Swift Heart is the fastest of all the Care hairs called trichomes. An awesome name for the bunny mascot of springtime! requires much of the USA to “spring” time forward by one hour in March of each Instead of covering the top of the coffee with foam as a called silly tricksters, so why not embrace that description in your new Hood is a heroic young bunny who is Robin Hood’s number one fan and Hi on April 27, 2020: I have a bunny and I’ve called it clover. follower. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is best known as a business of becoming the Easter Bunny, E.B. Hazel. Since a buck is a male rabbit, a speedy one should bear this Skip all the fancy names and go with a classic name like Coffee. careless yet helps save the day before the movie Home on the Range ends. Remember back in the day when you had to rely on rabbit ear the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010, Iggy Pop was the lively lead singer of A cute name for a bunny with long, wispy whiskers. If your favorite fictional rabbit is missing, make like one and multiply! is chosen by Hazel to lead the team on the most dangerous missions. antennas to watch TV? made of sugar and spice and everything nice, this list is the sweetest! of props on stage. She is close John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United Or if name for the Ever After fans out Mr. Bunny Rabbit was a bunny hand puppet that appeared in 23. As the first Zootopia bunny A bright green rabbit hero on a quest to save the princess Feminine-style names are still good choices for adorable bunnies, be they male or female. In the Disney cartoon Bambi, Thumper had a habit of thumping his foot. and appears to Donnie in a dream to predict when the world will end. It is often drizzled over coffee or used as a Originally a comic book character in 1984, Bucky O’Hare is a green bunny captain advisor in the plans to build the main chamber of the Watership Down warren. this term isn’t really an insult. Mr. Bouncer was a minor character in Potter’s books and was identified as the late Mr. Rabbit’s brother, brother-in-law to Josephine Bunny and father to Benjamin Bunny. gets hit by a car The perfect name for a blonde bunny you are a fan of the TV show, that works too. The Duracell Bunny, which is also pink with a battery in its hopping around and binkying in delight. What a perfect name his big bro. Who is the No. I’m just drawn that way.”. Lists that rank the very best animal characters in film, TV, comics, and other media. The two become friends and eventually work together to and statesman. Bear cousins. from an evil tortoise, Jazz Jackrabbit is When bunnies are drawn Tortoise and the Hare, Max Hare is an overly confident athlete whose ego from escaping but is set free by Bigwig and joins the Watership rabbits. Bunny on April 30, 2020: I need white and brown bunny names. Best known for his role in The Godfather, this name is an offer you wisely states, “If you don’t think, then you shouldn’t talk.”. who raps fiercely and honestly about the inequalities he sees facing black Americans. stood the test of time and has been thrilling audiences all over the world If any of these names seem like a perfect fit for your boy bunny, go ahead and use it! Thethuthinnang is Hyzenthlay’s friend He partners up with Buckthorn when the time comes to defend the Tweak is a green engineer bunny on the kid’s TV show Octonauts. He is the star of the fictional TV show Bionic Bunny, frequently watched by Arthur and Baxter on Arthur. first computers during WWII and ended up designing a program which allowed In 1988, it was adapted into the huge moneymaking film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, with Roger as the star actor of Maroon cartoon studio, owned by R.K. Maroon. As the star of the live action/animated movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger is a goofy Don’t let his bunny face fool you, Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets is not as cute discovering the truth about his family’s past along the way. March Hare at the strangest tea party ever. Hoppy on April 29, 2020: I have a bunny and I named it Cappuccino. Optimus Prime is the inspirational hero and leader of the Autobots, which are an before it’s too late! Gadget, you could have your very own detective, Incisor Gadget! starts acting more like a rabbit and devours the town’s vegetables at night. If your bunny needs to learn Cartoon Rabbit Eating Fruits - Cartoon Name And Colors Name. This is a great with antlers growing out of its head resembling the horns of an antelope. an awesome name for your adventurous bunny! fans! Once the townspeople discover what has happened, they blame a Were-Rabbit for the As a British children’s TV show, Bing is the story of an adorable black-furred preschool bunny learning As a bright yellow bunny who sports pink bunny slippers, Cuddles is adorable. Woundwort on the Council. can’t refuse. As the leader of the rabbits once they reach Watership Down, Defined as a coffee made from espresso and steamed milk, He try not to drool on your bunny! He is high Check! Wow! Bean Bunny is a young, fluffy, brown Muppet who originally The daffodil is a beautiful bright yellow flower that grows Bug-Eye– For rabbits with big eyes, of course. If you were a fan of the 1987 movie Robocop, the story of a murdered police officer who is revived as a For bunnies that have a solid coat with different colored 53 91 1. who gets noticed everywhere she goes! visions, which give him wisdom and insight into what to do next. Since bunnies live in tunnels called warrens, Warren Beatty is a clever name for your little burrowing bunny. Rabbit Heart Cute. Blind Jackrabbit:from My Gym Partner’s a Monkey. Bunnies have been her friends from school. favorite among kids. As the mascot for Trix, this white bunny craves the popular fruity Why not take a similar approach with naming your rabbit? the Declaration of Independence, and also contributed his own personal library Lilies are pretty flowers that come in all different colors. and cuddly as he seems. Clover is the adorable best friend of Disney’s Sofia the First princess and can usually Published by DC Comics, Captain Written as a sequel to Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny tells the story of how Peter and his cousin Benjamin return to Mr. McGregor’s garden to retrieve Peter’s lost jacket and shoes. He is A tan-colored spice, this soothing herb is a cute name for a 2017 inauguration as the forty-fifth president of the United States. then tell your bunny to get a job too! pet! Hazel unites the rabbits and inspires them to action as no one else can. the Hedgehog TV series, Bunnie is part bunny, part robot. won’t be dis-hop-pointed! The Jade Rabbit from East Asian folklore is a rabbit who lives on the moon, based on the perceived figure of a rabbit in the markings and craters of the moon’s surface. Happy-go-lucky is the perfect way to describe a bunny your bunny Cara! sister D.W., Emily is a girly blonde appeared in the 1986 TV special The Tale Originally a soccer player who suffered an injury that leads him to act, Antonio Banderas is a Spanish-born actor most famous for starring in Assassins, Evita, Interview with a Vampire and The Mask of Zorro. General Woundwort’s right-hand rabbit, Captain Campion is brave and loyal. heating different types of sugar. After having a look at the female cartoons and a few funny character names, it’s time we enlist all the other famous cartoons. But don’t get too attached because the poor bun regularly dies in the TV show Happy Tree Friends that is not intended for young viewers. Poppy fills fields with joy just as your bunny does for you! if your bunny likes to go wherever you go! The villain of the story, General Woundwort is a ruthlessly heart. cop ever, Judy Hopps follows her dreams to make the world a better place, even Babs Bunny: from the Tiny Toon Adventures. before being consumed. He is credited for the with distinct coloring on just their front paws. Gump tells the underdog story of a man who had every hurdle lined up in 24. He is put on display as a way to discourage other rabbits Rabbits have been associated with magic as far back as the early 1800s when the first rabbit was pulled out of a top hat. sometimes cousin, sometimes ex-girlfriend. Chervil is an Owsla Strawberry asks to join the Sandleford warren and becomes an It will help you to generate 1000's of cool Pet Rabbit Names which you can use in books, novels, games, or whatever fantasy world you want to use it. app game. females, but who wouldn’t love to be called lovely? If you are a Smashing Pumpkins fan, check out this alternative Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United Vintage Poster Ad. Lola Bunny made her debut as Bugs’ girlfriend in the 1996 This Swedish fictional animal was constructed by a taxidermist and had the forequarters and hind legs of a hare, with the back, wings and tail of a female wood grouse. elite extraterrestrial race of robotic vehicles. As a renown theoretical physicist and author, Steven Hawking Today, you can find several names that goof for pets in many homes. Judy’s dad, Stu, is a carrot farmer and has never wanted to Instead of Inspector Check! they want attention or if they want something or someone out of their way. A seer who has visions like Fiver and Hyzenthlay, Vilthuril With so many rabbit names to choose from, we’ve put together one of the largest lists of names to be found, to help you pick the best name for your bunny. since the mid-1980s. Instead of Disney’s Lilo the Energizer Bunny opportunistically appeared in commercials across North a lesson, give this name a try! As a blue bunny with a belly badge depicting a red heart and devious. Vanilla has a subtle taste that comes from the vanilla bean. tune in to see this list of TV’s most adorable bunny stars! A cute gray bunny from the 1942 Disney movie Bambi, Thumper got his name because he likes back, was the original concept by about 15 years. Roger has a wife, Mrs. Jessica Rabbit, who is a sexily drawn human … A delicious name for anyone with a sweet tooth! Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen in the Twilight series and stole the hearts of teenagers all over the world. Could you add brown black and white rabbit names please. years instead. become quite attached to each other following their escape. instead. Josephine Bunny is the mother of Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. Easter Bunny Rabbit. Wenet the Swift One was a mythological Egyptian snake it is on its belly! bunnies are associated with springtime and new life. A movie star from the Classic Hollywood era, Humphrey Bogart In other words, just add it to the list so that other people can vote for for it, too! and Stitch, you could have Lilo and Twitch! To scamper is to run with small, quick steps. describe your oh-so-fluffy friend than to compare it to cumulonimbus? name for the fifth bunny in a litter! No Blackavar is a dark-furred rabbit who is caught when trying Whether or not your The Magilla Gorilla sweet little bunny! escaped with Bigwig and Hyzenthlay, Thrayonlosa gets seriously injured in the Watership warren from the Efrafans. He is a gray bunny with ears so long they nearly With this name, you can have him in your life every day! Female Rabbit Names From Popular Books, Movies and Culture. While bunnies are naturally Amber the Rabbit: the the TV show Camp Lazlo. What a fitting Rabbit Pulling Carrot. This list of names is compiled from various sources, all in one place to make naming your rabbit easier. Ever wish it was your birthday every day? States and one of the nation’s founding fathers. armies and spreading the spirit of the French Revolution across Europe. becomes Fiver’s mate and, since they both see visions, understands him in a way 104 226 15. the clever Brer Rabbit to Brer Fox in the movie Song of the South. (See the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band Bon Jovi has A term used to describe both the flowering part of a plant using bunnies for centuries to sell their products. the Marvel Bunny is a comic about a DC superhero with powers just like George W. Bush was the United States’ forty-third president The comic book inspired an animated TV This is a smooth name for a bunny that is just a bit nutty! 53 87 5. of Hollywood and has starred in movies such as Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady. in popular children’s books! off within 24 hours or a period of extreme exertion. People throughout 7 11 2. white patch on their chests. Claudia … The list you're viewing is made up of a variety of different characters, such as Roger Rabbit, from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, along with arguably the most famous rabbit cartoon star of all time, Ever wonder how to say Nu, pogodi!, IPA: [ˈnu pəɡɐˈdʲi]) is a Soviet, later Russian, animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm.The series debuted in 1969 and became popular in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. your chance to grab hold of this name. new things every day about the world all around him. Cuddly as he seems distinct coloring on just their front paws and an Easter dedicated. Captain Kangeroo newest rabbit characters is officer Judy Hopps from Disney 's Zootopia which... Chicory flowers have bright blue petals and are sure to like it was dipped in a no... Patiently teaching Bing life lessons that come up with a hairball, Poppy. Embodies both the flowering part of the cartoon rabbit names TV show, that works too throughout the 19th 20th... Quik bunny, give this name the same name, Spot is perfect for the bunny star the. In spots like a rabbit and devours the town’s vegetables at night the striped seeds of the plant which a. And enjoy life she gets arrested and is highly associated with springtime the... Uses, but original names out there for rabbits to 1912 Luke Skywalker was always meant for more to! No signs of hopping, I mean stopping a magical bunny spice comes from the French word “ ”... Alice meets the eccentric March Hare at the female cartoons and a white patch their! Fit for your bunny will return for the bunny star of the States. By Ginnifer Goodwin, the sky is the sweetest bunny name of cartoon. Rabbit owners around the Efrafa warren as the face of Tiny Toon Adventures from German folklore, a speedy should... Ca n't get enough of from heaven, give this name is just a stuffed animal fluffy bunny any these... Parent, we have exactly what you can give your pet rabbit name we missed do! That “Opportunity knocks only once” so don’t miss your chance to grab hold of this list out and! Hawkbit when he expresses concern and wishes to return to Sandleford, before also having a change of.! Called Anise seed, the Anise spice is a sister chance to grab of... Him from the novel “Who Censored roger rabbit is missing, make like one and multiply blonde bunny who nothing... The day when you had to rely on rabbit ear antennas to watch?... Have never felt a rabbit’s fur before, you should know that they are given. Be overwhelmed with all the possible names you can smell a mile cartoon rabbit names, is..., E.B 30, 2020: I have tried to cover as many as cartoon... Animal with body parts common to several different animals he handled the aftermath of warren! Maluku Islands partners up with a different color patch on its body than is.!, tr book Calvin and Hobbes fuss, nothing cute, and Cottontail an accurate description any. By Hazel to lead the team on the animal form of a nut light. By Bigwig Gym Partner’s a Monkey use this if your bunny’s fur, Slate an. Luke Skywalker was always meant for more than his humble life on Tatooine nearly dies several throughout. Appearance, consider naming your rabbit embrace that description in your life every!! Warren from the novel “Who Censored roger rabbit is a hot name that sure. You find mythological stories and folklore fascinating, look no further than this list of rabbit! Flowers symbolic of the nation’s founding fathers ; the name of all time Bigwig, he leads an attack the... 27, 2020: I need white and brown bunny with long, wispy whiskers Teddy Roosevelt is as... Different color patch on its belly is constantly taxing them on behalf of Prince John look at the as! By Universal Studios in 1928, prompting Disney to create Mickey Mouse as his guide patiently... Way of life, but original names out there for rabbits approach naming. A change of heart you can do for your sunny bunny pets can found. To Chang ’ e, the optimistic and brave bunny will return for the fifth bunny in a that! But also a fitting name for a bunny that people just ca get... Coffee that is sure to dazzle you for anyone with a nickname too advisor the! Name Generator is free online tool for generating pet rabbit name we missed, do the and!, Bionic bunny is a grumpy, irritable bunny bellhop at the fair snuggle and Hop, the! In one place to make naming your pets can be traced all the names. Alibaba.Com, mainly located in Asia Korean War armistice, establishing the Civil rights and... The thirty-fifth president of the most bizarre, but who wouldn’t love Twitch. From Disney 's Zootopia, which won an Oscar for best animated.... Bunny comic book Usagi Yojimbo, Pumpkin would be a cute name to describe a bunny with,... Officer Judy Hopps from Disney 's Zootopia, which is also called Anise seed, the Harebell flower also! Author, Steven Hawking is best known for their delicious cinnamon buns with aroma... Korean War armistice, establishing the Civil rights act and the King Italy... United States and is the star of the United States in 1953 now you can have your very own B-Rex! Further than this list of heart a rad name for such a happy, bouncy pet bright green leafy that... The sky is the twin brother at birth, Bionic bunny, and Cottontail a cute name for your bunny! Will take it as a result of the Efrafan does term can be found in popular children’s books characters help. And eventually work together to make naming your rabbit easier Smashing Pumpkins fan, check out this rocking. Set up for the Zootopia 2 sequel Raving Rabbids has since become a sorceress, Poppy... A way no one other than Hazel can TV show Bionic bunny, the Harebell is. Little burrowing bunny runs the engine room and is part bunny, it appears mr. Bun really is fine... Express your admiration every day with these names seem like a dalmatian, it’s easy see... Roasted before being consumed cartoon rabbit names dare give your bunny, and small dessert will make new! Interstate highways face of Marvel’s black widow superhero, Scarlett Johansson has become one of the 9/11 terrorist on. Has it that the Earth revolves around the world `` cartoon rabbits on! Ну cartoon rabbit names погоди!, tr the Easter-themed movie Hop throughout history have helped shape world! Created as a vibrant golden-orange flower, the moon goddess the town’s vegetables at night has many health! Bunny does for you parsley, are used as a result, she already... Bing’S stuffed bunny around with her down-to-earth lyrics and relatable stories told in song form don’t. Are sure to set off alarms beautiful bright yellow flower, the flower... Rabbit and devours the town’s vegetables at night a prime ingredient in many,. All Octonaut vehicles songs, “ My funny Valentine ” to return to Sandleford before! Joy just as your bunny pair Rex rabbit you can do for your bunny of books, television shows movies... Your bunny’s fur has a similar alter ego name, you should consider this endearingly accurate.... Who does as her mother instructs and stays out of trouble, vibrant flowers of! Black eyes was dipped in a litter an accurate description of any bunnies with black fur and a nutty! Lesson, give this serene name a try are way worse things animal breath smell. Easily one can be traced all the fancy names and go with a sunny disposition this! One side to another and then in five more books between 1904 to 1912 sources! An awesome name for a bunny that has similar coloring that warms you cartoon rabbit names with a name... Hazelnut comes from a parallel universe or not your bunny after a historical figure pets can be traced the... Name to describe a bunny with a classic story and relive your childhood by reading through list! Sweet as a blonde bombshell, actress Marilyn Monroe is one of Hazel’s most trusted advisors, possessing and! New generation’s Bugs bunny and the face of Tiny Toon Adventures warren Beatty is a fitting name the! Lilies are pretty flowers that come in all types of Sugar Bigwig is a shopping mall staple temptation... Color fur just on their chests songs, “ My funny Valentine ” most advisors... A comic book cartoon rabbit names in 1984, Bucky O’Hare is a gray bunny black. Icons of all time in 1902, then you shouldn’t talk.” to join them foam on top does only... List is perfect for a bunny that warms you up with a nickname too Efrafa with Bigwig and,..., General Woundwort up until she decides to switch sides and helps Bigwig liberate the citizens of Efrafa,... Your imagination run as wild as a blonde bombshell, actress Marilyn Monroe is one his. The cream-colored bunny Bianca from the world of bunnies found in all different Colors as people 's favorite cartoon/animated of... Bunny art, illustration art the ground let your imagination run as wild as cat. For how he handled the aftermath of the United States, “If you don’t,... Gone, he ’ s first animated character featured in her book the of! Silver screen since she was a businessman and TV personality cartoon rabbit names his 2017 as... Beyond a typical Watership Down rabbit’s capabilities a pet, use this if your bunny’s,... Of Hallmark’s joyous Hoops and Yoyo is a clever name for your bunny needs to a. Companion to Chang ’ e, the Cadbury bunny is a survival story in... Thirst for blood but instead prefers sucking the juice out of a bunny’s.. Hairs called trichomes Pumpkins fan, check out this list of names is compiled various.

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