Welcome to the V-Scope Explorer (Virtual Biology Lab)

V_Scope Explorer Resource System

You have just found the BEST and MOST cost efficient way to Review or Complete a Biology Lab Assignment. Better yet you can do it from your computer, anytime/anyplace.  With the concern of staying safe and social distancing this resource can provide the needed Biology Lab experience.  This resource e is AFFORDABLE/Cost Effective and most of all SAFE.

What you are about to experience (click microscope) is an Interactive Virtual Biology Lab, similar to what you will look at in a Biology Lab Class only better. The images you see have been taken with a $50,000 microscope insuring you will see what you are suppose to see. Each image is in 5 objectives 1X, 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X. The IMAGE POWER Setting is 10 times the objective as the lens is 10X. Therefore, you are looking at images with power settings of: 10X, 40X, 100X, 200x and 400x.

V-SCOPE EXPLORER will improve your learning process as you can take your time viewing the specimens. As a added bonus each image is labeled, thereby, easily detailing the area of key cell structure. If you have a virtual biology class with Lab instructions this Virtual Lab can substitute for your work as the slide list should correlate to your assignment. Plus each slide set has Activity Guides to make your Lab experience a true learning experience.

If you are frustrated with the cost of purchasing a hands-on-lab, have received poor quality slide images or just do not have enough time in a lab, please either Contact Us or click on Register/Purchase as pricing for this Virtual Complete Biology Lab is affordable. Access is through username/pass code and subscription is for one year.